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Futo And Son Rochester Fuel Injection Service In Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Are you the proud owner of a Chevrolet Rochester Fuel Injected Corvette?
  • Are you looking to awake a sleeping car?
  • Do you look at your midyear or solid axle and dream of the roaring hum and whistle of your air meter?

  • Has your F.I. unit lost its luster and performance?

  • Do you long for the days when you simply jumped into the car, turned the key and hit the road?

  • Are you tired of second guessing other mechanical or electrical problems with your car and having mechanics “blame” the injection system?

  • Are you frustrated by the comments made by the mechanic like “it must be the F.I. unit” simply because of its’ mysteriousness?




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Real Cars, Real People, Real Referrals

” I called Brian and told him we were coming down for a month in November. Once there I said just recondition it because it showed age and they look so nice once Brian and Ed are done with them. This is the best it has run in the 48 years we have owned it!!!! Thanks guys and I have recommended you to 2 other friends. A very happy customer and they are great to work with, just listen to their advice.”

Denny Jorgensen

“Awesome Brian and Ed. We appreciate you.”

emersonDianne and Walker Everson

“Brian and Ed went way out of their way to meet my picky standards when it came to restoring my 62 FI unit. Seeing the restored FI run on their test mule left no doubt you could take it home and it would run. They are great craftsmen and possess a wealth of knowledge on these 50 year plus FI units. It was a pleasure doing business with them and reminiscing about C1 & C2 Corvettes”

Clark W. Curley:

Located In “Hotter Than Hell” Scottsdale, Arizona

We clearly understand what a customer means by a “heat soak” when it comes to fuel injection. Heat soak problems have been an issue since fuel has adapted to be more environmentally friendly (no lead, lower octane). FI cars are now more suspectible to heat soak due to current fuel blending, the loss of lead, a lower octane content and the substitution of “other lubricants”.

We rebuild and repair real units that run on standard pump gas.

Services We Do Offer

  • We do engine test every unit
  • We pressure test fuel flow
  • We maximize vacuum and performance
  • We consider Rochester fuel injection parts on trade
  • We often can repair worn or broken parts when a replacement in not available
  • We return your unit ready to bolt on and enjoy

Services We Don’t Offer

  • We don’t do mufflers
  •  We don’t do brakes
  •  We don’t diagnose your electrical gremlins
  • We don’t troubleshoot compression and spark

Rochester Fuel Injection Service

Our customer’s trust us to look after their needs. We are specialists committed to delivering the highest of quality for your fuel injection system.

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